Monday, 19 December 2016

Bought we certainly do not now, and now as 4 months ago. With daily use, I already had an opinion and impressions of Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Cleaner Review, I hasten to share with you ...

And on the thumb:

What we have good news:

The lack of dust bags. All garbage is collected in a container and is thrown out once or twice. that is how much it is necessary to press the buttons to open the container.

High absorption capacity, which is not greatly reduced even when a full container.

Washable filter does not require replacement. He has no consumables!
The filtration system. Manufacturer course broadcasts us that miracle cleaner air produced is even cleaner. that sucked, and germs and bacteria, which in any other unit not bring ... I can not believe a word, but the exhaust air free of dust, no odor. breathing becomes easier not after harvesting, but also worse. (what happened to our past vacuuming)

Turbo nozzle removes cool. the truth is sold separately and is almost 5000 Knock pile with a bang !!

What we have is not good:

When choosing a vacuum cleaner, the choice was between Bork Bork and Dysonyu We have a filtration system with impregnation, which can also be flavored room. Not important detail at a very nice) especially us girls))
What we have is not good:

Price. with all its advantages, I think the price too high. 20t.r. (And now like above)
Special differences from the much more cost vacuum cleaners I have not noticed. To believe in the words of the manufacturer, to the account of the miracle of the system with air cleaning, can not. there are good models within 10t.r. which are not worse absorbability. and dust from them flying.
Heavy and not agile. not something that would not move straight at all, but does not slide
Brush for a floor member of the set - nikakaya.tochnee the same as any other cheap vacuum cleaner. just brush. but the cost of this brush - 3490 !!!! for a piece of plastic! for that price you can buy a vacuum cleaner!

Vacuum cleaners are not very convenient, because there is no floating head brushes. it is not agile and remove, for example, -very difficult corners. BUT! there are wonderful accessory that once again not included. The movable nozzle !!! The value of ........ 2890 ... No consumables are saying! But there are accessories, without which the vacuum cleaner is nothing special and no different from their counterparts in half cheaper!
Not is compact.
Conclusion. The vacuum cleaner is not bad, but not delicious. The money that he is, you give for the brand. a fancy name for Dyson ....))